Customer and Engagement Surveys


Customer and Engagement Surveys

Are you tapping into the GREATNESS of your people?

There is an old truism that "If you keep doing what you've been doing you'll keep getting what you've always gotten". Most leaders, owners or managers have not yet tapped the full potential of their workforce.

Within a High Performance Organization, leaders recognize the value and potential of their people, so they create a culture and organizational design in which people participate in setting goals, making decisions, and solving problems.

We help you build this environment, where employees go beyond just compliance to job standards to commitment in their own motivation. They want to be part of the organization and are excited to contribute to its success and improvements.

We have worked with and coached companies on strategies to address employee engagement concerns using a variety of customized discovery processes that include:

Consider these facts:

A Corning mold machine shop realized 100 improvements in quality and delivery while reducing costs from 15% above to 15% below the competition.

Rocky Mountain Labs reduced turnaround time from 28 to 14 days, reduced internal hand-offs by 500%, thereby improving productivity by 50% and profits by 25%.

Tektronix Portables Division reduced inventory from $40 million to $15 million and reduced cycle time from 12 weeks to 4 weeks.

A Sherwin Williams auto paint plant boasts of 30% higher productivity, 45% lower costs, and 25% fewer employees for equivalent volume over a sister plant.

Coach Leatherware improved plant efficiency from 88 to 100%, improved leather utilization by 48%, and decreased overhead spending by 10%.

These are just a few of literally hundreds of businesses that are achieving outstanding results in this country. They are doing so by changing the way work is organized and empowering the people who do that work. This is known as high performance work systems!

Research and experience indicate that companies organized by principles of high performance consistently outperform their more traditional counterparts. In fact, a review of 100 companies that have recently redesigned their work environments are consistent with these principles. They have shown improvements of between 25 and 60%. Pretty remarkable!

How to make it happen

Contact us for a free consultation. Join the top organizations in dramatically improving your productivity, profits, customer service and employee morale. All types of organizations —manufacturing and service, large and small, whole companies or sub-units — can achieve high performance.