Performance Appraisals


Performance Appraisals

Does Your Performance Appraisal System support your Business Objectives? 

The performance appraisal (PA) is one component of an overall performance management system.  The purpose of the performance appraisal is to provide employees with feedback on their performance as it relates to goals and objectives which are key to the organization's success.  This feedback focuses the employee on leveraging skills and abilities needed to attain and surpass business goals while supporting individual learning and development.

Using a performance appraisal process for employees ensures consistent employee performance evaluations across business lines for equitable compensation, transfers and other purposes.  Business lines will share common performance factors and rating scales while customizing objectives and weightings.  This consistency can improve long-term business results and employee morale.

You can have different PA forms for:

We have worked with companies to build a customized performance appraisal form.  We have provided an Instrutional Guidebook for Leaders to use the form and conducted training.  There is no magic in what form you use.     Each organization has their own needs, based on their culture and business expectations.   The key is to conduct feedback with employees on a regular basis to help them excel in what they do. 

Refer to the Resources section of this website for more information.  Contact us if you'd like to discuss taking a different approach with your employee performance feedback system.