Internal Mentoring

Internal Mentoring


Internal Mentoring

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The mentor's role of the past has been replaced from the "sage on the stage" to the "guide on the side".  There has  been a shift away from the more traditional authoritarian teach-dependent student-paradigm, which the passive mentee sits at the feet of the master and received knowledge.   Today "wisdom is not passed from an authoritarian teacher to a supplicant student, but is discovered in a learning relationship in which both stand to gain a greater understanding of the workpalce and the world.   The mentor is now less an authority figure and more a facilitator.

Instead of being mentor driven, with the mentor taking full responsibility for the mentee's learning, the mentee learns to share responsibility for the learning.... setting priorities, learning and resources, becoming increasingly self-directed.

Today's mentoring relationships span a shorter time period, with duration tied to the accomplishments of specific learning goals rather than broad, diffused goals. 

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