Organizational Diagnostics

Organizational Diagnostics


Organizational Diagnostics

Do you know where the opportunities lie in your organization to improve your results?

Many organizations fail to adequately understand their current problems and capabilities before jumping into implementation of aggressive new change plans. In the zeal to move quickly, some companies forget that diagnosis and understanding must precede change if it is to be deliberate and effective. It is critical to know how your organization is working before you can effectively develop change plans to address organizational problems and the strategic demands of the future.

Companies are perfectly designed to get the results they are getting! Using your strategy as a baseline, we'll help you identify the specific areas in your organization that do not meet, or are no longer aligned with, your long-term business goals.

Using our Transformation Model, we'll help you objectively look at the critical components of sustainable business success. We'll then help you identify the "root cause" of opportunities in your organization so that you can begin to work on the right things.

We'll work alongside your leaders, managers and operational personnel to help them:

  • Develop a customized model for understanding the critical components of your organization and how they support or enhance your strategic intent
  • Objectively analyze your current performance and benchmark yourself with others in your industry
  • Develop an enterprise perspective on your greatest strengths and areas for improvement in your current strategy, core processes, organization structure, systems and culture
  • Target and prioritize the top opportunities for change
  • Structure the teams needed to pursue defined improvement or alignment opportunities including executive sponsors and expected timeframes
  • Manage the ongoing business transformation

Our process will also help build many of the core skills required to enable a continuous improvement mentality in your organization.

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