Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coaching

Are your Leaders continuing to develop their skills?

We can develop Leadership Skills on an individual basis. We recognize that some organizations don't have large numbers of staff in a leadership capacity nor can they afford an expensive program.

Our approach to developing leaders is called the "Golden Triangle" pictured below. We use individual Assessment Tools to identify what Skills need to be used within the specific company and why the leader is not using those skills. After sharing the results of the assessment with the individual, we jointly establish an individual learning and coaching plan to address the gap in knowledge, skills and abilities. This may include specific work related experiences, e-learning coursework, coaching or other relevant learning activities. If you do have Leadership Development Training, we can also integrate our learning processes with your corporate leadership development program, in order to create a cohesive approach to your organization developing leadership skills to meet today's environment.

As a coach, we can serve as an independent "sounding board" bringing process, perspective and practical advice to individual executives, managers and their organizations. We believe that each individual has the answers inside of them.   Our role is to facilitate leaders discover the answers on their own.  

We can help define business and management goals, help focus on the most important goals and suggest approaches to maximizing personal and organizational success.  Our team has decades of supervisory coaching experience to help supervisors get the best from their people. 

We can coach supervisor, managers and executives.  We can assess their personal strengths and weaknesses, manage conflict in their departments or teams, enable and support self-managed teams, evaluate the consistency of performance measurement and much more...

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