Outsourced Employee Coaching

Outsourced Employee Coaching


Outsourced Employee Coaching

Do you need to terminate an employee or group of employees?

When an organization makes a decision to terminate one or many employees, it is never an easy thing to do. Planning and communicating this information can increase stress for your executives,  managers, and supervisors.
On the other hand, losing a job for an employee is ranked as one of life’s major stressors.

We can help reduce the stress for leaders and employees by following processes that ensure people are being treated respectfully and are aware of resources to help them handle both the personal and professional issues that surface with losing a job.

Leadership Coaching during the Planning Phase can consist of the following:

  • Planned communication strategy of the event
  • Structured processes to help make the decision who goes and who stays
  • Organize a respectful communication process with managers and employees who are affected
  • Facilitating the communication with employees

Employee Support during the Implementation Phase:

  • Personal and group coaching for which the emotional stages of loss
  • Personal coaching on issues the individual needs guidance
  • Training for the Layoff/Termination Survivors to reconnect to the organization after a major event

We can also provide outplacement services to terminated employees:

  • Assessment and evaluation of personal skills, strengths, values and accomplishments o
  • Exploring career options, including self-employment
  • Preparation of a resume and other search materials
  • Developing a self-marketing plan
  • Training in job search skills including networking, interviewing and negotiating