Customized Leadership Program

Customized Leadership Program


Customized Leadership Program

Are  you in the market for a newly revised Leadership Development Program?

The Leadership Development programs we create are customized to your needs and your business situations.  We have developed programs in the following areas in used both locally and nationally:

  • Lead Workers
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Supervisor

We believe in developing programs that last with integrated coursework, practice on real life sitations and ensuring that the skills are transferred to the job. 

Integrated Coursework

Communication skills are critical and at the core of building a positive and productive culture within an organization. These classroom sessions start with supervisors and managers understanding their Role as Supervisors and a member of the Management Team, along with building Foundational Communication Skills that will be used and reinforced during each employee interaction along the entire employee life cycle.

Practice Real Situations

Each of the classroom modules uses Adult Learning Theory and Behavior Modeling Concepts. Participants focus on “safe” practice of real situations that they will be required to use in the workplace. Coursework is generally scheduled over a sequence of weeks to provide reinforcement and accountability to use the skill learned in the work environment.

Transfer of Skills

We work with you beyond the classroom or learning event to establish a transfer strategy, changes in the systems and processes within your organization, to ensure that what is learned off the job is consistently applied on and off the job so you can realize the full extent of your human capital investment.

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