Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching


Individual Coaching

Do you need a coach to facilitate problem solving or decisions you need to make?

Our definition of coaching is  "the practice of helping others improve their performance".  We engage in coaching conversations for various reasons:  to problem solve, motivate, course correct, make decisions or elicit greater ownership.  We can conduct the coaching directly or teach others how.   

MTM use three elements of High Performance based on Alan Fine's book "You Already Know How to be Great".

Focus - What we pay attention to and how we pay attention affects everything else.   We change performance by changing focus.  When individuals can stay on task and minimize distractions, performance will be  higher.  When they can't maintain focus, performance is inconsistent.

Faith - Greater focus raises confidence and belief or faith, if you will, in our own abilities.  This confidence and optimism leads to higher performance.  When individuals doubt themselves that insecurity lowers performance.

Fire - With more faith, our "fire" - our engergy, passion and engagement increases.  Greater engagement also acccelerates perforamnce.  When engagement is lower, so is commitment and motivation, resulting in indifference and compliance.

As a coach, we can serve as an independent "sounding board" bringing process, perspective and practical advice to individual executives, managers and their organizations. We can help you define business and management goals, help focus on the most important goals and suggest approaches to maximizing personal and organizational success.

Give us a call if you need us to 1) teach others in your organization how to problem solve and make decisions on their own, 2).  Establish a periodic or ongoing coaching relationship with individuals in your operation. .