Customized Process Development

Customized Process Development


Customized Process Development

How do we work with you?

All of the solutions we provide to clients are customized to meet their needs.   Whether we are developing teams,  assisting with change implementation, facilitating strategic planning, developing materials and processes for leaders or helping them to manage talent in their organization.   We will use many of the process outlined below:

Discovery: We will schedule an initial consultation to understand your key business challenges.  A proposal will be presented based on the findings of this initial meeting. The proposal could include the recommendation for a deeper analysis of your challenges before we are able to provide directional support or it could include a recommendation for specific development solutions.

Assessment:   In some cases, we meet with leadership personnel to discuss challenges and potential solutions to further define our recommendations.

Implementation Planning:  A plan is developed so that the appropriate intervention strategy will be executed. These interventions could include such processes as training, coaching, personnel placement changes, system development, strategic mapping or other customized processes. All interventions are designed to add value, have impact and produce results. Responsibilities are identified for all parties involved.

Design and Development:  When your proposal includes custom design and development work, we establish regular contact points to ensure the program or process meets your requirements and is a cultural fit for your organization.

Implementation:  Our implementation role is determined by you and your needs. We can help you implement, provide coaching or conduct the implementation for you, teaching someone internally how to continue with ongoing implementation processes.

Evaluation and Measurement: Throughout the process, there will be systems to track and evaluate progress toward the agreed upon outcomes. Feedback loops will be integrated in the entire process to help identify opportunities for improving the process.

Follow Up and Post Analysis:  We can provide a follow-up consultation to measure success.

Contact us if you would like to discuss this further.