Hiring for "Fit"

Do you have keys to finding the "Right" people to "Fit" your position needs? 



Hiring for "Fit"

Make sure every new hire is the best possible

Are you making the best hiring decision every time?

A critical component of building a GREAT company is getting the "right people" on the bus. To get the "right people" on the bus, you also need to have the "right people" applying and surfacing through your selection process. We help you by:

  • Identifying a hiring profile to measure "Fit".
  • Working with you to identify recruiting strategies to source candidates.
  • Suggesting changes to any policies, procedures or processes that ensure you are efficient at recruiting and targeting key people to be interviewed by your organization.
  • Providing Supervisory and Management training on how to conduct a behaviorally based, legal interview. This helps you get key information from the applicant while reducing your company's liability.

When you are ready to assess multiple candidates, the key to determining job "Fit" is to match people with the work they do – the hiring profile. Predicting candidate success in a job is all about having enough of the right information before you make a hiring or internal placement decision.

Our job match tools include many industries and job in the market today.  This includes those in Leadership and Supervisory positions in Manufacturing, Government, Trades, Sales, Customer Service, Retail, Hospitality, Health Care and many more. 

Several of our clients have used our resources to make significant contributions in their organization. Refer to  http://www.pxtselect.com/MTMPerformanceSolutionsInc when you need assistance. Several Case Studies are located in the Resources section.

“Employee success hinges not on expertise, a college degree or other factors, but on FIT with the job.” Harvard Business Review

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