Managing Talent

Are you managing talent to meeting your future business needs? 


Managing Talent

How are you managing your Human Capital Assets? 

Career Development and Succession Management are the Yin and Yang of managing talent in your organization in the future. Employees drive to build a career within an organization; while the organization provides the planning, resources, and communication for them to realize their dreams.

Your Employees are typically the only assets you have that appreciate.   The future success of your business is in managing your Human Capital Assets...the knowledge and experience of your employees.   By initiating and supporting employee Career Development processes and Succession Management processes the value of your Human Capital Assets appreciate.

It's not enough to have the right people on the bus in the right positions. Today, keeping them challenged and satisfied is critical to also meet your future staffing needs. Losing key talent could cost you two to three times the employee's annual salary, while availability of talent in the labor market is shrinking.

Refer to http://pxtselect.com/MTMPerformanceSolutionsInc and http://www.everythingdisc.com/MTMPerformanceSolutionsInc  for some of the tools we use with clients.

We have developed an integrated Talent Management process and provided support for implementation across a geographically distributed organization, using various tools like a Critical Position and Risk Analysis, Remote Position Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Knowledge Transfer, Human Resource Staffing Strategies, Talent Reviews using the 9 Box Matrix Comparison Tool and many others.  

Let us help you build the future talent you need from within your organization or through targetted external hires..

"In these days of talent wars, the best way to keep your star performers is to know them better than they know themselves and then use that information to customize the career of their dreams - Harvard Business Review article: Job Sculpting: "Art of Retaining" Your Best People.

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