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This is what people are saying about working with Tracy at MTM Performance Solutions.

Tracy practices what she preaches. If your company needs improved performance management, talent management support, or organizational development, Tracy will show you how to unleash the excellence from within your organization. She will coach and mentor you, helping to drive toward your intended results.

Training and Organizational Development Leader

Tracy was successful with our workforce because she listened and understood them before applying the principles of talent management, coaching, team development, performance management, and leadership development.

State Agency

Thank you so much, Tracy,for your great presentation to the Human Resource Group. I used the word "great". So, "great" in this case means interesting, useful, and it is going to make me a better manager.

I have attended workshops and classes on leadership, but this time - it was the presenter's enthusiasm, the down-to-earth advice, or the timing - but it really motivated me to think how I can be a better manager. Thank you for coming to share your expertise with us. I certainly appreciate it.

Service company
HR manager

“Tracy is one of the best at helping managers and supervisors identify, assess, and acquire talents that an organization needs to be successful in both now and in the future.”

Human Capital Leader

Tracy Mullin has the ability to understand the "big picture" or complex business issues, and at the same time break down needed actions into concrete, actionable steps. Her ability to balance both the complex (strategic issues) with the tactical implementation needs is a key skill set that makes her so valuable. She translates both strategic and tactical issues in a way that helps clients understand their role (and accountability) in the process, thus creating line of sight throughout the organization.

Corporate Office
V.P. Human Resources

Tracy Mullin has taught several courses in the Supervisory/Management Associate Degree Program at our Wisconsin Technical College in WI. Students have been very positive about Tracy’s facilitation skills. Examples of comments from her students are:

"She is open to group discussion and values everyone’s input."
"I like her enthusiasm and patience."
"She makes the coursework interesting and fun."
"She is very knowledgeable."

Educational institution
Supervisor/Management Program Leader

I have appreciated the chance to work with Tracy Mullin on many projects that I thought could make a difference. She makes a lot of important things happen – fast and well.

"She listens to customers and can help them clarify their needs when they need that help. Then she works with them to define practical solutions that will have impact."
"She looks at the “big picture,” thinks strategically, and helps others to see the big picture too."
"She’s a “planner”, who systematically looks ahead to the next phase of organizational development."
"She doesn’t think in terms of just getting the current project done, she makes sure it’s coming along well and starts to focus on the next one."
"She is great at leading organizations that are geographically dispersed and knows how to harness resources in that kind of environment."

Training Manager

MTM Performance Solutions has done a great job to help us develop a Human Resource program which promises to make a significant contribution to the future success of our companies. Tracy Mullin has been a highly effective communicator and brings many years of valuable experience which has already made a huge impact.

Family Owned Diverse Business
VP of Administration

As the General Manager of a start-up biotech firm, I needed help getting a performance appraisal system up and running on short notice for our growing technical staff. Tracy dug right in and within several weeks, delivered a system that worked for the first time, even for inexperienced Supervisors. I especially compliment the way she trained and received feedback from our Supervisors and Managers, and then fine-tuned the process and customized the forms to meet our expectations.

International Engineering and Manufacturing firm
General Manager

Tracy and her associates successfully assisted our utility in identifying customer needs both internal and external. In the process, we were able to identify issues that allowed us to become a better team while connecting with our external customers as well as our internal customers--other employees. This process was very gratifying and worth the effort. The resulting information is easy to understand and usable on a daily basis for many situations. It was a pleasure to work with her and her team. I would highly recommend MTM Performance Solutions, Inc. for your organization.

Utility organization
General Manager/CEO

As our firm’s hiring and human resource needs grew, we needed a seasoned professional to enhance our existing processes. Tracy and her team provided the expertise we needed to bring our firm to the next level in a critical time frame. Her guidance has been essential to our growth strategies and related personnel needs.

CPA firm
CPA, Partner

We were looking to fill a General Manager position for MinnWest Technology Campus; we were swamped with eligible applicants. Tracy was able to quickly narrow the field down to five top candidates; saving me an enormous amount of time. Of the five top candidates she recommended, each were found to be very qualified for the position.

She helped us with the placing of the ad, reviewing all resumes, screening candidates, developing a line of questioning for interviews and produced background checks on the final two candidates. We ultimately hired a top quality General Manager for our company.

Technology Campus